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National Beef Ambassador Program
B y Leslee Lohrenz

The National Beef Ambassador Program (NBAP) is a national competition for youth ages 16 to 19. State and local affiliates may elect to hold competitions for junior or intermediate levels. The purpose of the competition is for youth to know the nutritional value, the economic value, cooking principles, safe handling and versatile use of beef and to understand the importance of beef as an agricultural product. This program is sponsored by American National CattleWomen, Inc. and the Cattlemen's Beef Board. There are both monetary as well as scholarship awards for the national winners. Total monetary awards equal $4,500 with 1st Place receiving $2,500; 2nd Place receiving $1,200; and 3rd Place receiving $ 800. The ANCW Foundation will also award a $1,000 scholarship to the 1st place winner, $750 to 2nd, and $500 to 3rd. The NBAP is an excellent opportunity for youth to gain valuable experience and knowledge.

There are three areas of evaluation in the competition: an Oral presentation about beef and/or the beef industry; Questions asked by the judges after the presentation; and an Interview to determine one on one communication strengths and weaknesses. The presentation will be between five and eight minutes. It can be specific or an overview such as: nutritional value; economic value; food safety; or versatility. Contestants are also required to give the presentation at least seven [7] times prior to the competition. Five of the seven must be to nonagricultural groups. Examples include state fairs, school groups, civic organizations, etc. There is also an educational workshop conducted for all participants. The workshop ”Spokespersons Training” will include: Preparing for a media interview, the three parts of a talking point, message delivery and techniques for handling difficult interactions.

A Nevada Beef Ambassador Contest is still pending. The 2004 competition will be September 30, October 1 & 2 in Sheridan, WY.

Contestant information and competition packets can be accessed at the National Beef Ambassador website at http://ancw.org/National_Ambassador.htm. This information may also be accessed by going to www.ancw.org and clicking on the National Beef Ambassador link at the bottom of the page